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Welcome to ReExamine Life. 

With more than two decades in the executive search business, Bill van Steenis has the experience and know how to help you evaluate your career, prepare a career plan and execute your plan. Bill bases his speaking and his books on the premise that to be truly successful we all must "make our mission in life someone other than ourselves".

ReExamine Life is a coaching and consulting company working with college students and experienced professionals. Our focus is to help you plan and execute a successful job search strategy and a career plan.

Through our Boot Camp seminars, books, training materials and personal coaching we help people like you make positive and productive decisions about jobs, careers, and life.  We help you dream big then develop a plan to achieve your dreams.

Whether you are a college student, a new graduate or you are established in your career, In Demand will help you gain control over all aspects of your career. From your first interview we can help you formulate and execute a successful job search strategy right down to specific interview techniques. 

If you are an entrepreneur we will also work with you to advise you on developing a business plan to start a new business. Bill has started several business. With his experience and contacts he can give you sound direction for your project. 

ReExamine Life offers you the tools to make sound business and career decisions and helps you to successfully move forward with a plan for your future.

Bill will show you some time tested ways to make sure you maximize your potential without losing the things you value most in the process, time with family and friends, your integrity or your health. You will learn to manage your career rather than the alternative, drifting through life hoping things go OK.

Bill will help you determine your career direction that will allow you to consider a broad range of opportunities from finding a job to starting a business.  No matter what you choose Bill will be there with you to guide you through this process.