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Through various resources including personal coaching, boot camp seminars and his training materials and books, Bill is helping college students and career minded professionals focus on the future and see what's possible when they take charge of their lives and careers, set realistic goals and focus on achieving them. 

Bill's books are a must read for every high school senior or college student planning to enter the job market and for professionals looking to jump start their careers.

Bill will give you specific insider tips that he has learned in more than two decades as an executive search recruiter. He will also share dozens of secrets that executive search professionals use to learn about what's going on in a company or an organization and how they position their candidates for success. 


 You will learn        

  • The real reason of why companies hire people.
  • To grow your world in a positive way through personal networking.
  • How to gain access to the decision makers.
  • To prepare a professional resume that gets results. 
  • How to position your resume to land an interview. 
  • Specific interview tips that will give you a decided edge over your competitors. 
  • How to prepare for and approach every interview with a successful strategy.
  • Positive body language and interview etiquette.
  • How to work right and smart rather than working hard like everyone else.  
  • To use social networking and the power of the internet to give you a razor sharp edge over your competition. 
  • How to ask follow up questions that will allow you to control the interview
  • And so much more. 


Bill's books and advice give you the benefit of working with a recruiter with more than two decades running a successful executive search business. Why wait? Isn't it time to take charge of your job search and your career? Are you ready to stop wasting time and losing money waiting for something to happen?

Call Bill now to learn more. Plan to Attend a boot camp or read one of his books so that you can gain your edge over the competition.