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Life Isn't Fair But It's Still Good. 

As newborns we believe that the world revolves around us. For most of us things are grand until we reach about two years old when as children we are told no by our parents and we begin to understand what that means. Thats when we come to understand that life is not always fair, at least that's how we feel for a time. 

I was five years old that hot muggy August day when we got the news. My mother had been tested positive for Tuberculosis. I can still remember the large red welt in the inside of her right arm, maybe as wide across as a baseball. I sat with her on the front porch the evening after she got the news as the neighbors stopped by to encourage her. My mother was leaving for a long time but I was unaware of her impending departure. I had not fully comprehended the impact of what was about to engulf my family for the next year. 

Back in the 50's if you contracted TB it was considered the same as contracting a plague. You were considered a danger to society so you were handed over to the state department of health. The State also decided when you could leave. My mother became a prisoner. We were not allowed to go to her room. She was on the fourth floor of a hospital in Detroit. The hospital was in a bad neighborhood. We only went there twice, once at Christmas and again in February. We stood on the ground below her window and waved to her as she looked down. She would lower a basket and we put candy bars in for her. It really rocked my world.

The time my mother spent in that hospital was the most trying time of my life. It shaped me and impacted me for years to come. I have had other friends that lost parents when they were young. Some like my wife lost siblings and parents. It's hard when these trials enter our lives but no matter how bad things get you can be assured they will get better sooner or later. 

These are very trying times for people, jobs lost, businesses lost, homes, retirements are gone and families split up. The good thing is that we will recover. We will have homes again someday and jobs and many will start businesses. Life comes with ups and downs. No matter whether your life at this time is good or bad you can be assured of this, it will change. The most important thing to remember as you face these disappointments and times of blessing, life isn't fair, but it's still good. When you are in a situation like this take one day at a time but always keep in mind that this too will end. Life will be good again one day soon. 


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