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Being Thankful

I knew a woman several years ago who was in a medical field. Her skill was highly specialized and she is the best in her field. The unique thing about this woman was that when she treated you she was totally focused on you. There were never any other distractions. Her entire being was focused on solving your problem. Because of her dedication to serving her patients her success rate was very high. 

This woman came from a unique family. Her father was a military officer who served his entire career at the top of his field in the military and her mother counseled troubled people. This woman's maternal grandfather was a man of extraordinary personal generocity and kindness that he passed down to his daughter and grand children. He lived his life by example to others, never bragged or even talked about what he did. He worked very hard all his life mostly in construction. What never waivered though was his dedication to his family and to those that worked for him. This gentleman had a brother who had been ill. He was so ill that he had to leave school, had no formal education and was unable to drive. The gentleman felt it was important that his brother had a purpose so he and another family member started a business and for thirty years this fine gentleman drove his brother to work, every day for THIRTY YEARS. Now that my friend is commitment. 

Here is how that all played out. The Gentleman's daughter lived a life of service to others married to a man who lived a life of service to our nation. They raised a daughter, a kind and good young woman who is rasiing some beautiful young children and she has dedicated her life to serving and helping those that can't help themselves just as her grandfather did. I am thankful for the legacy of this family during this time of thanksgiving. I am not getting any younger but I have such admiration and gratitude for a man whose life shaped the lives of so many others in so many good and positive ways. 

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