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This month more than 2,000,000 college graduates will join the job market. The unemployment rate among new graduates is approximately 16% when factoring in the more than 1 million students that have given up looking for a job and are living in their parent's basement. 

I've been in the executive search business for more than twenty years. In all that time, I've never had a client company call me and offer to pay me a healthy search fee to hire a well qualified professional and not expect that person to make significant contributions to the company. It simply doesn't happen. Companies hire for one reason, to solve a problem that they don't have the internal resources to solve. If you can convince the hiring manager during the interview process that you can solve their problem chances are much greater that they will help you solve your problem by making you an offer of employment. 

There is actually a formula that is common among all successful people, those that are always in demand regardless regardless of economic circumstance use to stay In Demand, four things, solve a problem, be competent, produce results and follow the money.

1. Solve the company's problem is self explanatory. Companies hire you to solve their problem. Part of this process is learning is to learn to think critically, to arm yourself with the tools necessary to be a problem solver.

2. Be competent. Employers expect someone cominig out of college or a trade school to have the minimum skills necessary to be able to accomplish your work and to achieve the company's goals. One common trait among successful people is that they never stop learning. They are always looking for ways to learn and to keep up with the latest technology. As students, they are aggressive about landing internships, shadowing at companies, getting a graduate degree and attending colleges and universities that offer students hands on experience in a classroom setting

3. Produce Results. From the time I was a young boy until he passed away my father who by the way was a very successful sales executive drilled into my heart, "Bill, the world pays for producers, BE ONE!" He got my attention and I took his words to heart. In every job I have had during my life, I've always under promised and over delivered with great results. Companies expect employees to produce results. 

4. Follow the Money. One thing that every business has in common with every other is that they all run on cash. Both non-profit and for profit companies need a constant flow of cash to operate. Those that are In Demand know that learning how to influence the cash flow in a positive way helps you to become In Demand. The burning question is how do you do just that? First, every employee that hopes to be In Demand has taken the time to study the organization's business model. Whether it's a school, an auto manufacturer, an airline or a charity, there is no excuse for not knowing how the organization gets their cash and how they expend cash. Second, successful people find ways to either increase the cash coming into the organization or decrease the amount of cash going out. You can accomplish this by cutting costs, increasing profitability or by increasing sales. In all the years I've been in the search business, I've known some average people that followed the money but I've never known a person that is In Demand that didn't. 

If you want to be successful in a job search and a career, its important that you:

1. Solve problems

2. Be competent.

3. Produce results. 

4. Follow the Money. 

Never forget that it's not about you, its always about the solving the company's problem. If you can accomplish that you will always be In Demand

Finally, make your mission in life someone other than yourself and you will be In Demand in every area of your life. 

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