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"Establish standing stones in your life." 

In the Old Testament, at the time when the people of Israel were traveling through the desert, many important events took place. When they experienced an event that marked their lives in some important way they would erect stones to mark that spot as a reminder of what took place there. If you watched the film Schindler’s list, at the end of the film, the survivors of the Holocaust and their descendents of the survivors filed past piled Oskar Schindler’s tomb. As they walked by each person placed a stone on top of his tomb. Each stone represented a person that was alive that day because of what Oskar Schindler had done several decades before. Those stones are called standing stones.

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Several years ago my wife purchased a box of Christmas cards. I am generally not much of a card person but I appreciate it when someone sends me one, especially my wife or daughter. While my wife was addressing the cards I picked one up and read it. It was entitled "One Solitary Life" and the author was anonymous but the message profound. It reads as follows: "Here is a man who was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another obscure village, where he worked in a carpenter’s shop until he was thirty. Then for three years he was an itinerant preacher.

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Make Your Mission in Life Someone other than Yourself. 

I originally posted this blog post last December but it is worth reposting. I hope you enjoy it. I didn't know Jack Klunder but if I had I know I would have liked him. I like people with snow on the roof and wisdom in their hearts who aren't afraid to speak their minds. From what I've heard Jack was that kind of guy. I was introduced to "the world according to Jack" when my wife Barb and I were visiting our friend Erin recently at her home. On the wall above Erin's back door is painted "Make Your Mission In Life Someone Other Than Yourself". I read it several times. Then I asked Erin about it and she told me it was her grandfather Jack that said it as he prepared to die. She said that they were all gathered around Jack's bed during his last hours of life when someone asked Grandpa Jack for his wisdom for life. Jack told the family, "Love your spouse with all your heart and make your mission in life someone other than yourself."

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You be the judge. What is the impact of kindness and mutual respect?

What happened to the time? Today is my birthday, my natal anniversary. My dear friend US District Court Judge James Watson used to use that phrase in his courtroom. Every Monday as he would begin court, his first question would always be do we have any birthdays among our jurors or anyone that is part of the proceeding before this court? If there were the judge would point out that you only have one birthday, every other day that falls on the day you were born is your natal anniversary. Then we would all sing happy birthday or natal anniversary to that person or those persons who were celebrating that week.

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Things I can change....and those I can't 

For many years I have been passionate about politics and any other thing I could think of. I was right and that was that. I have been passionate to the point of being obnoxious. I would argue with anyone that disagreed with me given the opportunity. I loved it, or so I thought. After a recent event in my life, I spent nearly a week of total quiet to assess my life and really think about how I have lived. I came to the conclusion I needed to change my behavior about politics and some other things. I hope to use that passion to pursue something more positive.

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