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One Person, an Idea and Courage!

I have a new friend, Dr Kojo Quartey, Ph.D, Dean of the school of Business at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had the occasion to get to know Dr Quartey during a discussion we had about the importance of teaching and fostering the art of entrepreneurship in our schools beginning with elementary education and continuing through graduate school.

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The Key to Success: Under Promise and Over Deliver

In my nearly three decades of business I have learned an important fact, the same fact that my dad drilled into my head for years growing up, "The world pays for producers so be one." My dad was a guy that operated at 100 miles an hour in his career. He bought hardware around the world and sold it to stores large and small from the neighborhood hardware to KMart and Meijer here in the Midwest. I used to join him when he would make sales calls.

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It's not about you!

As college graduates prepare to enter the work force, please keep this one important fact in mind, "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU." It never was nor will it ever will be about you. It's always about the customer. The customer may be your employer, the person that is purchasing your skills and talents. If you are self employed it will in fact be the people you serve your customers and employees. No matter what your career choice is it's always about them and never about you.

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Thank You! The balm of kindness. 

When was the last time you told someone close to you that you care about them? How about the last time you thanked someone for a job well done? Told a child that you are proud of them? Asked a subordinate for their input? All of these gestures are signs of respect and humility. It takes generosity of spirit and humility extend ourselves to others and grace to receive these words and to respond appropriately.

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Reach Out and Touch Someone

This is no time to be in the executive search business in the automotive industry." Times are tough" does not begin to describe what my industry is going through right now. The hardest part for me hasn't been the drop in income we are all feeling but rather the inability to give and help people at the level we were once able to. Our closest friends and family know our situation and have walked with us in this trying time. It has been the hardest time of my life but one rich with life lessons, a time I would not trade for any amount of money....well almost any amount. Through this time I have learned the value of living a simple life, streamlined, without all of the "toys" that I had previously collected that had dragged me down. I have come to appreciate the value of true friends and of serving someone bigger than me. I have also learned to appreciate again living in a small town where your neighbor may know your business but they care about you as well.

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